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5 Best TV Series to Quickly Upgrade Your Level of English

5 Best TV Series to Quickly Upgrade Your Level of English

5 Best TV Series to Quickly Upgrade Your Level of English

Aren’t we always looking for fun ways to learn a language? Well, they do exist, and watching TV is one of them. You can learn English or another language without even realising it.

Here are five famous TV series that will help you upgrade your English level and show off some brand new, sophisticated vocab!

Try watching these shows with English subtitles, and turn them off when you start understanding more and more. You’ll be surprised how much you can understand. We recommend you “train” at least twice a week for 30 minutes. The results will come in no time!

And if you prefer movies, we've got you covered as well! Click the link to see the list of 5 best movies to improve your English


So, here are the shows we recommend most for studying English:

1. Friends

Ah, memories. Do you remember this iconic series? Six friends from New York City have made us happy for 10 years. Now, they are back on Netflix (YES!), so you can get take a cultural expedition back to the 90s while also improving your English. We recommend this show because the plots aren’t complex, and the dialogue is often slow and deliberate.

Best to: become familiar with speaking, get to know some old-school vocab, memorize useful, everyday sentence constructions.

2. The Big Bang Theory

A very modern and original show, presenting the adventures of four geeks. Each episode is full of different, funny situations. Perfect for learning everyday English, but also some specific engineering or scientific vocabulary. Sometimes characters on the show speak a bit fast, so don’t let it discourage you – just spent some more time with English subtitles. If needed, you can always pause the show and go through chosen moments step by step.

Bonus: You can get to understand different English accents thanks to the multicultural characters.

3. The Office

Let’s face it: British accent is very often hard to understand, especially for beginners or intermediate English learners. Taking your listening comprehension to the next level can be hard work, so what better way to do this than to watch an addictive, hilarious TV show?

The Office is a pure classic. It is a British mockumentary showing everyday life in an English workplace office. It is made in a way for you to think that camera follows employees all day long.

Warning: lots of British humour involved.

Remember to take breaks from staring at the TV screen once in a while! Use this time to read a book instead. Here are a couple of useful tips for reading in a foreign language

4. Mad Men

Something for slightly more advanced language learners, perhaps. The acting is more natural, and as such, characters don’t always speak as slowly and clearly as they usually do in sitcoms (“situational comedies”, like Friends or the Big Bang Theory). You might learn some retro English and marketing lingo: the show takes place in New York advertising agency in the 60s.

But once you start understanding the words, you’ll be addicted.

5. Suits

This may be one of the best TV shows to improve your level of Business English. The story involves a former student who avoids being arrested when concluding a not-exactly-legal drug deal. Somehow he stumbles across one of the best New York lawyers, Harvey Specter. A real treat for future lawyers as well, since the show is packed with specific (and often quite difficult) vocabulary. Not the best for learning English word by word, but excellent for starting a journey with Business English!

OK, now go turn on the TV and get to work!

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